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Turn old windows into your wedding program

Ever take a walk through your neighborhood and notice old window panes laying on the curb? After Mike and Margot’s backyard wedding, you might be looking at those windows a bit differently from now on.

Make cake toppers out of champagne corks

Looking for a cute idea for your super-special cake toppers? Are you guys champagne drinkers? If you are, you’re gonna want to pay attention to Meredith and Michaels DIY toppers.

Introducing Twisted Limb Paperworks’ delicious wedding invitations made from BEER!

If you love beer AND protecting the environment, then you’re gonna have to raise a toast to offbeat sponsor Twisted Limb Paperworks, because they’re the geniuses that figured out how to combine those two things. And YOU’RE the awesome couple that’s going to have the coolest invites on tap. Keep reading to find out the four reasons to love Twisted Limb’s beer paper cards and envelopes.

Yep, I made my wedding invitations from grocery bags

Looking for a way to save money on your DIY wedding invitations? Would you love it if that money-saving idea also jived with your eco-friendly sensibilities? Irene may have come up with the perfect solution for you. And it involves fun things like shopping and recycling.

First photos from Andrea & Pete’s wedding, paid for by recyling 400,000 aluminum cans

Remember Andrea and Pete, the couple who paid for their wedding by recycling aluminum cans? We’ve got a first look at their wedding pictures!