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Write letters to your guests that serve as a wedding favor

Makenna and Yvonne wrote a personal letter to each person who came to their wedding, which turned into their wedding favor. It may take a little more time (especially if you’ve got a larger guest list), but the personal touch and cost savings are super tempting.

Autumn is here! Snuggle in and get inspired by these fall weddings

Autumn has begun here in the Northern Hemisphere, and I couldn’t be more stoked. Autumn weddings are my favourites. How gorgeous is this photo from Emily and Kyle’s autumnal handcrafted wedding? Grab your pumpkin spice-flavoured beverage of choice, snuggle in, and let’s check out some autumnal inspiration from the archives!

Wait until you see the interactive puzzle game at this books & RPG wedding

How to pull off awesome literary wedding decor

If you’re planning a bookish wedding, you might want to pay extra attention to Mark and Erin’s (aka Tribesmaid Edolmage) literary-themed wedding decor. From the programs to the cake, you’ll want to peruse these ideas…

Show your peeps where to sit with marshmallow Peeps

Oh, you say Peeps are only for Easter? I say nay — Peeps as place cards are de rigueur all year round! Kyle and David definitely made it work at their beachside fiesta wedding.

Use old time-y Circus Peanuts to hold your place cards

Cheap, bright colors, perfectly smooshable with cardstock: candy Circus Peanuts were MADE for place card holders, you guys. Lauren and Stan’s turn-of-the century circus cards are a match if ever there was one. Circus Peanuts became really popular around the 1940s, so they have a very vintage, penny candy vibe. Plus, every one takes their seat and already has a sweet little nosh to tide them over.

Seat your guests with a wee obliging tree

Kim and Jaymie had this little tree welcoming guests to find their placecard from its boughs. Kim’s mom handled making the cards, which were held on with mini clothespins! It added some arbor-style sweetness and a little more nature to the reception.