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Wedding receiving line alternatives: No, you don’t have to hug everyone [UPDATED FOR 2022!]

We touched on the receiving line alternative issue way back in 2010 and the issue will always be relevant. Finding a way to greet guests without contact is a great idea for everyone. Let’s talk about a few alternatives to the receiving line that will minimize contact and maximize sweet moments of connecting with your guests and expressing gratitude.

Do a circle dance instead of a receiving line

If you’re looking to avoid the never-ending linear hugs of ye olde receiving line, you could borrow a page from Melanie and John, who did a Sufi Dance. Why do a receiving line, when you can do a circle dance with your guests?

Introvert wedding survival guide for shy or socially anxious couples

I’m in love with love and I love weddings. You’d think, then, that I would have been excited about the prospect of planning my wedding when I got engaged, but I wasn’t. You see, I’m an introvert, and I’m closer to the extreme end of the spectrum. So, the idea of not only going to a party, but of planning a party in honor of my fiancé (who is also an introvert, albeit more social than I am) and me made us both want to run away screaming. After much reflection, however (see definition above), I came to a few conclusions that I thought I’d share in the hopes of helping fellow introverts deal with the idea of a wedding in their honor…

Skip the receiving line and do photos together instead

Ah, the receiving line. That thing that many couples sorta dread, where you stand there awkwardly smiling and hugging people and maybe feeling awkward (…or worse). We loved Mary & Craig’s solution…

Is four hours long enough for a reception?

“The venue we’re looking at allows us to be there for four hours. Is this long enough for a reception?” For the answer to this, we went to our resident wedding planner lady, Ang.

No wedding receiving line: Socially distanced ways to greet your wedding guests

“I have a condition called fibromyalgia which causes me near constant pain and makes me feel tired very easily. I am really worried about how to deal with receiving lines…”