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Beyond the wedding: why I'm more excited about what comes next

Beyond the wedding: why I’m more excited about what comes next

My wedding day countdown app on my phone informs me that there are exactly 30 days, 2 hours, and 22 minutes until my wedding. I feel like I should be more stressed out and nervous. But we’ve been engaged for one and a half years, and I’ve spent some time planning this thing every week, so the vast majority of the work is done.

What’s interesting is that after all that time dreaming and planning, though I’m really excited about the wedding itself, I’m incredibly excited for the time beyond the wedding…

Ring shopping regret: I went window shopping for rings and now regret it

I went window shopping for rings and now regret it

I had a modest ring that I could afford bookmarked and budgeted. Then my fiancé convinced me that we HAD to go try on rings at a big box jewelry store. The men’s band and wedding set we found and fell in love with costs $8,000! And my reasonable little ring looks shabby and drab by comparison. I thought I could walk away, and I can. I just did not anticipate the other cascade of feelings…

Here are the 6 discussions you should have with your partner before the wedding

The 6 discussions you should have with your partner before the wedding

Is it getting down to the wire? Wedding date almost here?! Have you had these six big ol’ convos with your partner yet? Oh, it’s on. Time to start waylaying fears, saying thanks, and talk about TV shows. Wait, what? Yep, all of the above need to happen stat. Here are the six discussions before the wedding that probably need to happen.

On proposal expectations: The “why” is more important than the “how”

Don’t get me wrong, we all love a good flash mob, fancy restaurant, or scavenger hunt proposal. Even extravagant prom-posals are becoming a thing. But a proposal doesn’t have to go viral for it to be special and romantic.

The worst wedding ever

Apparently my mother’s cousin had the Worst Wedding Ever back in the ’50s. I wanted to tell you about that Worst Wedding Ever…

This is some powerful shit: the wedding planning process as a rite of passage

When my love and I decided to start wedding planning back in January, we had NO IDEA what we were getting into. I honestly thought that as a new bride, the “collective community” would gently take my hand, congratulate me on this sacred time in my life, and ask me questions that would invoke my heart space to create my wedding day.