The Bard abides: Shakespeare wedding readings and quotes for the rest of us

The Bard is the man. He's definitely said a fair few words about love. And other topics totally relevant to weddings. I decided to trawl Shakespeare's most famous works and pick out some rad quotes and readings from which to steal for your vows, readings, speeches, ironic ramblings, and ceremony in general. Shakespeare was a tongue-in-cheek dude, so there's lots of snark, sweetness, realism, and general awesomeness to nick for your needs.


Ultra romantic wedding readings (with some real talk) from some of our favorite offbeat weddings

We trawled through our archives to find romantic wedding readings (and some with some real talk) that we hadn't yet featured in our pretty substantial archive of wedding readings. Boy did we find some. From vacuum cleaners and mashed potatoes to onions and Bob Marley, love means a lot of things to a lot of people. See if any of these readings strike the right chord for your ceremony.


Getting our pon farr on: 8 nerdtastic fantasy and sci-fi wedding readings

We've covered a TON of geeky love quotes that you can nab for your vows and ceremony, but what about sci-fi and fantasy wedding readings? We've found some geeky, science-y, and fantasy-loving readings to fill your nerd heart with joy. Get ready for Neil Gaiman, Phillip Pulman, Douglas Adams, and more of your speculative fiction specialists extolling the virtues of lurve. Let's get our pon farr on.