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Need a romantic Princess Bride reading? As you wish...

Need a romantic Princess Bride reading? As you wish…

A Princess Bride wedding reading from the book itself? Inconceivable! Only the impressive clergyman knew about this particular passage from the book version of The Princess Bride. You’ll find lots of awesome ceremony fodder from the movie, too, but this time we’ve got a Princess Bride reading with a literature vibe. Shall we see it? (Anybody want a peanut?) I couldn’t resist! On to the reading…

Keep it cosmic AND gender-neutral with this space-themed ceremony script (+ READINGS!)

As a queer person, it was important to me to have a ceremony that reflected our values while avoiding language that was cis- or hetero-centric. Our spiritual and philosophical practices and beliefs include both Christianity and Buddhism, and we both feel strongly about the value of secular institutions. On top of this, our wedding was space-themed! With all these things in mind, we decided to write the gender-neutral space-themed ceremony from scratch.

Find your Halloween wedding reading muse with this Nightmare Before Christmas excerpt

Find your Halloween wedding reading muse with this Nightmare Before Christmas excerpt

If you’re a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas like I am, you probably know all the songs by heart. And if not, it’s time to catch up on one of the sweetest parts… (spoiler alert!) Jack and Sally’s romantic song about being simply meant to be. This short excerpt from the movie makes for a perfect nugget of romance in a whimsical setting. Maybe like your ceremony?

The egalitarian feminist pluralistic wedding script for your equality-focused ceremony

Egalitarian feminist pluralistic ceremony script for your equality-focused ceremony (includes READINGS!)

When you want to focus on equality and feminism, it can be hard to find a wedding ceremony script that holds water. This one ROCKS our egalitarian socks. This feminist pluralistic ceremony script emphasizes equality and pluralism. It values the individual and the social. It is heavily allusive, but accessible.

Is Bob's Burgers the surprising romantic vow source you need?

These Bob’s Burgers wedding vows are surprisingly romantic

We were ogling this amazing two-dude vintage wedding from last week and had to pull out one tiny ceremony detail that was AWESOME. One of the grooms, Anthony, was able to incorporate the surprisingly romantic Thanksgiving song from Bob’s Burgers into his vows. We couldn’t resist pulling this out to share for your own Bob’s Burgers wedding vows.

Our favorite gender neutral and feminist wedding readings

10 gender neutral and feminist-friendly wedding readings for your rad wedding ceremony

When searching for weddings readings for your LGBT wedding, feminist wedding, or just a wedding where you want to embrace gender neutral terms, it can be TOUGH. There’s a lot of gendered wedding rituals and readings to dodge in your search. We found a fair few readings that empower everyone. Let’s see what gender neutral and feminist wedding readings we found…