Atoms and dragonflies: a fantasy wedding reading straight out of a book

Philip Pullman fans: did you know there's an awesome wedding reading hidden in The Amber Spyglass from His Dark Materials series? Yep, a fantasy wedding reading right smack dab in your fiction. Not shocking considering all the amazing readings we've spied in literature.

But this one is pretty special. It's got atoms creating new atoms and light in sunbeams and dragonflies and pine trees and ohmyglob someone use this reading in their ceremony! Want to hear it? Let's go…


"Two Days We Should Not Worry": a lovely and realistic wedding reading

Sometimes a wedding reading should be passionate and loving and remind us of how much we mean to each other. But other times you might want to harness a little realism to talk about how you'll approach your life and your marriage together. This reading is often read within recovery communities but has a great message for anyone, especially those entering into a marriage.

Here's a meaningful and realistic wedding reading for your ceremony…


"Mouths wandering each to each": A seriously passionate wedding reading

Upon first glance at this wedding reading, it seems lovely and sweet. But give it a second and it starts to sounds like some real live passion is being felt here. It's a supremely passionate wedding reading with just a tinge of "oh hell yeah, THIS is what I'm talking about." Logic and rationality is all well and good, but this has some physicality and emotional heft to it. If you need a heady thrill in your wedding readings, this short and sweet one by Christopher Brennan is the one.


At Last: a sweet wedding reading that honors a life lived before finding love

Not unlike Etta James' classic love song "At Last," this particular reading narrows down those feelings of having lived life, been beaten by it a time or two, and still being joyful that you found lasting love. Considering how many weddings are second marriages or older-than-average couples, the sentiment is really lovely and really realistic. Here's a sweet wedding reading that takes into account a life lived prior to the wedding…


Stirring quotes from Loving v. Virginia to include in your ceremony

We plucked some amazing nuggets from Obergefell v. Hodges (the SCOTUS marriage equality case in which the Court held that the right to marry is guaranteed to same-sex couples under the Constitution) recently to include in your wedding ceremony and this time around we're focusing on Loving v. Virginia. In this political climate, we want to call out all opportunities to bring light to the struggles of those who have fought for marriage equality in all ways.

Here are some amazing quotes from Loving v. Virginia to include in your ceremony…