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hidden wedding costs that can blow your wallet

13 hidden wedding costs that can blow your wallet

Wedding budgets are the necessary evil of an already fraught-with-drama time in your life. There are all kinds of things that’ll balloon your wedding budget from necessary undies to last-minute tailoring to extra guests showing up. The best defense is a good offense by knowing what hidden wedding costs may sneak in and how to be ready for them.

Also, we have a quick one-question wedding budget survey that will help us craft editorial with you in mind!

One-lowmanship and luxury shame: one more way you’re supposed to feel bad about your stupid wedding

I know from the our reader survey exactly how many of you are trying to plan economical weddings with budgets under $10k (or $5k… or $2k). It’s a lot of you. But I also know exactly how many of you are planning weddings over $10k — and even over $30k. And I know how many of you are feeling weird about it.

2011 reader survey results: still surprising after all these years

If you love to read over stats, or if you just want to get to know your fellow Offbeat Bride readers, here are some crunchy numbers to pour over…

Reader survey results: 2011

Our third year of reader survey results are in and it’s time to put on our demography hats and dork out together!

Reader Survey results, Part 2

So first, how about some more cold hard facts from the 2010 reader survey? Y’all are social media geeks! 40% of you have a blog and 40% of you use twitter. 20% of you use our Facebook fan page to follow Offbeat Bride updates, and 20% of you use RSS. You’re mostly urban, with two […]

Reader Survey results, Part 1

Almost 2500 of you took my 2010 Reader Survey in January, and I figured I’d say thank you by sharing some of the results. First, the nitty gritty: Unsurprisingly, 98% of you are women, with 1% each identifying as male or transgender (Aside: big thanks to the reader who suggested I add “Neither/Both” as a […]