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Yes, you DO need the book in addition to reading the website

Tribe member LucyTuppa explains how she was “saved by the book” as it were. Turns out, Ariel knows a thing or two about wedding planning… who woulda’ guessed!? -Megs

What have you learned from Offbeat Bride?

A reader named Hespestos started a conversation called “What have you learned from your time on Offbeat Bride?” and the answers have ranged from the silly to the inspiring…

New reader photo!

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a reader photo — all my photos feature my OLD book cover, but finally a reader took a shot with the new (and in my opinion, much lovelier) second edition.

The passing of the book

Before leaving home and heading off to her wedding, Djinnaya made sure to grab her Offbeat Bride book for a very special ceremony at her reception.

Yes, I’m a sucker for reader photos

I love this shot of OBT member Emily and her husband Michael doing a little light reading at their wedding in September. Emily captioned this shot Offbeat Bride: Don’t Get Married Without It!

Christie (aka RedDress) says “just a moment, dear!”

Aww! This wedding photo just came to me from Christie (aka RedDress on the Offbeat Bride Tribe) with a note saying: Thank you Ariel for writing such an amazing book and starting such an amazing online community. Phill and I just wanted to show our appreciation, and we thought you might like this. Much love, […]