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Reader photo from someone who’s been following my weird-ass advice for 15 years

You guys, we all know I’m a sucker for reader photos of folks with my book, but this one has extra special meaning for me because Emily, the bride pictured, explained: “I’ve been taking your advice since the Lotus Magazine days. My wedding planning wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without you.”

Aron & Kyle’s New Year’s Eve theater wedding

A purple dress and pin-striped suit in the snow is amazing. The theater and unity cocktail with “Dudeist” officiant is even more to love. Set it on New Year’s Eve, make vows to a one-year-old, and give your groomsmen nicknamed tuxedo t-shirts, and we’ll all fall in love with your cute asses. Read on to fall in love yourself.

A book sighting and a whole lot of lovey-dovey makeouts

It’s been a while since we’ve seen an Offbeat Bride the Book shot! And these two are awesomely retro, which doubles the fun. I would like to snag both of those pairs of sunglasses. But this week is going to take a slightly different turn. The Flickr Pool, Pinterest, and the Offbeat Bride Tribe was full of romance shots and K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Rachael & Chris’ retro polka-dot cocktail party wedding

Retro dresses, victory rolls, in-ceremony Facebook updates, a pre-ceremony cocktail party, lots of polka-dots, and an impromptu feat of strength on the dance floor: it’s a retro wedding for everyone!

Offbeat Bride’s 5th Birthday

Yesterday marked five years since the day that I launched! I wrote a whole big looooong rambling post about it over on the Offbeat Empire business blog yesterday, but to celebrate here on Offbeat Bride, I thought I’d just do a round-up of some of my very favorite shots of Offbeat Brides and their books…

Sara’s Pulp Fiction-inspired Offbeat Bride reader photo

We all know I’m a sucker for photos of readers with their copies of Offbeat Bride — and this shot of Sara takes the cake!