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A gentle rainfall. Creamy pale lighting. You strolling arm in arm with your lover down a glistening sidewalk, the breeze gently tugging you both along. Sigh. Rainy wedding days are so fucking romantic.

Emily & Dave’s Rainy Cabin Potluck Wedding

The offbeat bride: Emily, Geologist & General Rock Geek Her offbeat partner: Dave, Environmental Consultant Location & date of wedding: The deck of my parent’s cottage in central Alberta, Canada on June 5th, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: We both really wanted to have a party with all of our family and friends. The […]

The groom made the bride’s dress

Ladies, you see that adorable short wedding dress the bride Catherine is wearing? You see that adorable groom next to her? His name is Hans and he made Catherine’s dress. Seriously: he made his bride’s dress! That said, I noticed this little post on the groom’s blog: Number of dresses I’ve been asked to sew […]

Sarah & Richard’s Pirates of the Carribean Wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Sarah, hairdresser My Offbeat Partner: Richard, material handler, contractor Location & date of wedding: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, on my Parent’s farm — July 12, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: There are a few obvious reasons why my wedding would be considered “offbeat.” My dress was purple, my hair was red, he […]

Kristi & John’s Crafty Rainy Day Wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Kristi, pre-school teacher at a German Immersion pre-school and a previous example of why rainy day weddings = gorgeous weddings! My Offbeat Partner: John, IT guy at a middle school Location & date of wedding: Columbia Manor, Minneapolis, Minnesota — May 10th, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: We really tried to […]

Melissa & Matt’s Medieval Fantasy wedding

The offbeat bride: Melissa, Medical Lab Tech Student My offbeat partner: Matt, Locksmith/Night Club Owner Location & date of wedding: Stan Hywet Hall in Akron, Ohio. What made our wedding offbeat: My husband was dressed as a king, and I wore a Medieval inspired dress from a pattern that is discontinued (making it a rare […]

Rainy weddings = gorgeous weddings

But here’s the thing: rainy weddings can be awesome, if you’re prepared. In the case of cutie mcbriderson here, that means the most adorable polka dot umbrella evar! Look at that gorgeous diffused light. Look at those polkadots! Look at that green shrug! LOOK AT THAT SMILE!