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Kathy & Jon’s ceilidh dancing, orchard camping, and game playing wedding

With some of us bundled up for the cold, nothing looks more inviting than a picnic wedding complete with baskets of homemade food, blankets on the fields of an orchard, and lawn games galore. Follow it all up with four hours of ceilidh dancing, and there’s a major party on your hands!

Val & Krys’ Americana-style blues party

Two extremely organized ladies who know how to rock an Excel spreadsheet are bound to know how to prioritize their wedding needs. And that includes a fab open bar, natch. Add in the adorable guest book wedding quilt, the tiny tuxedo-ed pooch, hilarious drag king officiant, and snazzy wedding garb, and you’ve got this adorable San Fran wedding.

A guestbook you can cuddle with: How to make a wedding quilt guestbook

She brought us the adorable kitteh wedding invitations, now she’s here to school us all on how you can pull off a quilt as your wedding guestbook.

Collaborate on a family wedding quilt made of cake!

Donna’s fiance had a brilliant spin on the family quilt idea: what about a family quilt that you can not only display at the wedding, but also eat? That’s right, I said “eat.” Introducing the family cake quilt.