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Unique gay and lesbian cake toppers

Unhappy truth: It’s hard to find an abundance of gay-friendly and/or gender neutral wedding stuff. From advice, to porn, to products our gender-bending, same-sex loving friends constantly get the shaft. We got a request for advice on where to find same-sex cake toppers, so I thought I’d show you some of the ones I’ve found over the years.

Emmalyn & Gavin’s gender-neutral, LGBTQ-friendly, Renaissance Festival wedding

On the fourth day of Pride Week, we will travel to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Where Emmalyn & Gavin, who identify as gender queer, celebrated their nuptials with a joust! – Coco

YAY BEST DAY EVER: Shana & Jessica’s glitter-fied backyard rock ‘n’ roll wedding

On day two of Pride Week we have Shana & Jessica. They wanted a wedding that resembled their lives: shiny, silly, loud, musical, glittery and full of the people they love. If that doesn’t tell you enough about the two, they wore their dresses again, to a Lady Gaga concert. Loves it! -Coco

How to tell your family about your transgender groom

“Both of us previously identified as lesbians … how do I let my guests know that my girlfriend is now my groom?”

Floyd & Georgia feel the love

Ariel, I received my copy of Offbeat Bride in the mail yesterday and am already more than halfway through it. I just wanted to say.. THANK YOU. My partner Georgia and I are far from traditional – we’re gay, which is probably the biggest (and most exciting) challenge in planning a wedding (yes, a real […]

Inspiring queer wedding in Atlanta

Holy hell. My brain almost exploded from the gorgeousness and sheer amazatude of Aly and Elroi’s stunning wedding in Atlanta. The wedding photography was done by Our Labor of Love and must have cost a fortune because it’s stunning. Aly had a handmade blue dress, and the bad-ass wedding party, Elroi’s smile, and the officiant, and […]