Robots and ivy at this pagan handfasting wedding

These two love robots, so they included lots of robot-y references in their Pagan handfasting. Sounds like a perfect combination to me. Add in the custom-made purple silk gown and ivy headband and you'll get sucked in. Plus, they had a choreographed first dance which looked like a hoot and a half.


Your favorite shoes: Spring 2011

Yes, it's mildly creepy internet privacy-invasion time! Remember when I did this before, showing off the footwear that I can see from my logs, y'all like the most? Again, I don't know who buys what, but I can definitely see patterns when it comes to the shoes that Offbeat Bride readers love the most. You'll recognize some of these from last time, but there are also some new faces.


Melinda & Paul's disability-friendly, southern, sports rivalry wedding

Paul wanted a traditional Catholic wedding, whereas Melinda wanted to let her true colors shine. So they met in the middle and had a Catholic ceremony, followed by a rockin' reception at the hall next to Edgar Allen Poe's grave. The best part of the day for Melinda was when she walked without her crutches for the first time in eighteen years!