Beth & Patrick's homemade English wedding

Smooching in front of the Rolls Royce, wedding cheesecake, a cheeky flower girl, and a hand-made gown of awesome are just a few of the personal touches on this grand English wedding. You're going to flip when you see the venue, the purple shoes, and of course, the loving looks…


Get married in purple shoes

Why get married in purple shoes? Because you'll look like a purple-heeled bombshell. Why? Because you'll look like royalty. Why? Because you'll look like a surreal circus freak. As you can see, we've featured a LOT of purple-footed brides over the years, so it makes perfect sense that I'd take some time to dabble in purple shoes. These range from the prettiest pale lilac to the deepest almost-blue, from $40 to $1400, completely flat to towering tall. But they're all purple. And they're all awesome (especially the ones with the de-socketed eyeballs!)


Purple wedding shoes are purple

Inspired by these purple-strapped beauties, I decided to dive head-first into Zappos in search of other purple shoes for you brides who are going the royal-hued route for your wedding feet. I've got heels, wedges, a couple boots, and lots of flats.