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purple hair

We love you, brides with purple hair. If you’re looking for more wedding hair inspiration (including other bold colors like pink, purple, and rainbow!), check out our wedding hair archive.

Lenore & Andrew’s “Young At Heart” Park Wedding

Lenore & Andrew aren’t quite ready to grow up. So they used A LOT of bright colors, kids’ toys and games to help decorate. AND they had their wedding ceremony ON a jungle gym in a park! Then after they exchanged rings, they slid down the slide to end their ceremony.

Amy & Mike’s “come for the cupcakes, stay for the wedding” Wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Amy, full time stay-at-home mom Her Offbeat Partner: Mike, software developer Location & date of wedding: Fantasy Farm – Makebelieve Ballroom in Toronto, Ontario — November 16th, 2008. What made our wedding offbeat: We wanted a wedding that would be, above all else, FUN! We did away with certain traditions — I […]