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Amber & ZaQ’s Punk Rock Trashy Classy DIY Damask Wedding

“My youngest son broke away from the pack and met me at the bottom of the stairs, held my hand and walked me all the way down the aisle.”

Shablis & Devin’s Jaunty Homespun, Anachronist-Punk, Hodgepodge Wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Shablis – Museum Security/ Receptionist (and OBT member “Shabs“) Her Offbeat Partner: Devin – Developmental Therapist Location & date of wedding: Avant Garden, Houston, TX — May 23,2009 What made our wedding offbeat: Friends and family helped with absolutely everything! Music, officiating, cooking, decorating, photography… everything! The best part about it was […]

Punk-but-classy vegan wedding, as seen on Etsy Storque!

A very special thanks to @LaurenCrane for tweeting about this amazing vegan wedding that manages to be both a little punk and a lot classy: The bride (coincidentally also named Ariel — no relation!) explains that “we tried to have as classy a wedding as two scruffy punks can manage.” (photos by Andrew Kercher) For […]

Kale bouquet, skull vest, and red boots at this Chicago wedding

There are so many inspiring details packed into Olivia Leigh Photographie‘s photos of Sam & Ben’s November 2008 Chicago wedding … I’m not really sure where to start. But, let’s first look at the bride’s bouquet made from peacock feathers and kale. Then there’s the groom’s skull-emblazoned vest … impeccable: …and of course the bride’s […]

Naomi & Casey’s punk rock Iowa wedding

The offbeat bride: Naomi Her offbeat partner: Casey Location & date of wedding: First Assembly Church Chapel in Cedar Rapids, IA. November 1, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: For starters, I wore a black dress. It was actually a bridesmaid’s dress, which made it tons cheaper. Then, we did almost everything ourselves. I made […]

Skulls @ weddings

Sometimes it’s just the little details that I love…things like teeny skulls hidden through people’s weddings. Like a skull necklace…or a skull ring.