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“Punk for Parents” iPod playlist

Becca and Adam had a big question when it came to wedding music: “How do we play our favorite love(ish) songs… and not have our parents covering their ears, annoyed?” Their solution? A punk rock dinner playlist and a swingin’ rockabilly/80s/oldies dancing playlist.

Jessicah & Adam’s punk pop culture-filled wedding

This couple met making films and decided it was only right to make it official in the theater where they’ve spent so much time together. In addition to throwing out tons of references to their favorite shows and movies, these kids actually made two short films to start off the ceremony! If that wasn’t enough, you’ll get to see the groom’s rad giant green mohawk.

Claire & Glyn’s pink-tartan punk-rock wedding

Claire is like a punk rock fairy godmother and Glyn is like the most awesome man behind the curtain ever. Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kanas anymore …

Lisa & Kyle’s zombie apocalypse, punk-rock dance party wedding

Zombies! Mutated Baby Dolls! Leopard Wedding Dress! Bloody Tuxedo Shirts! And the groom has a CHAINSAW!!!! Ruuuuuuuuuun! You must see this wedding.

Reinventing the tuxedo with offbeat grooms

It’s time for a little inappropriate staring and offbeat groom ogling. This one is dedicated to grooms who are reinventing the tuxedo — top hats, tails, goggles, and even some rubber.

Christina & James’s Punk, underage, Christian wedding

“No one in our wedding party was over twenty-one years old! Since we met each other and all of the friends in our wedding party at various punk concerts, we definitely wanted to incorporate the punk rock aesthetic into our wedding.”