Custom engagement rings with or WITHOUT the ring from Ethical Jewellery Australia

Our sponsor Ethical Jewellery Australia specializes in custom engagement and wedding rings, made with ethically-sourced and processed diamonds, coloured gemstones, and recycled metals. Which we all freaking LOVE. (Seriously, wait until you see all their gorgeous and creative settings.) But what they also offer is the perfect proposal solution for those of you who want to propose with some bling, but have NO CLUE what kind of ring your partner wants to wear for the rest of their freaking life.


Would you wear a used engagement ring? Here are some reasons to go secondhand

There are usually three types of reasons one might sell a used engagement ring: a divorce, lack of use/wear, or to pay for a ring upgrade or other life expense. It's interesting how each reason can change the price and perception of rings. There are definitely folks out there who might not want a ring from a divorce just for superstition purposes, but for most of us, a used engagement ring can be the ticket to good bang for the buck. Let's talk shop on why you might (or might not) want to opt for a secondhand used engagement ring.


Pizza, puppies & popping the question(s): How we honored our individuality through a mutual proposal

My now fiancé and I soon realized after we started dating that we take pride in having an equal partnership. So, when the time came to take the next step in our relationship, we were stumped. How can we be true to ourselves and to our relationship in what will be one of the most important decisions of our lives? It just didn’t feel right if only one of us asked the other. Together, we researched and came across a few different articles about mutual proposals. Mutual proposals — a newish concept, are exactly how they sound — proposing to one another. We decided to morph a few of the ideas we saw online and had the best day ever.


How I let go of waiting for a proposal story, and created my own

I continued to wait for my proposal, and began to get frustrated with my partner and myself. I felt angry with my partner for not proposing, and I was angry with myself for wanting it and being angry with my partner. At one point, my sister sent me a an article about women proposing. This started me thinking about taking matters into my own hands…