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Unique proposal ideas and stories, including super geeky proposals, proposing without a ring, advice for women about how to propose to a boyfriend, LGBT proposal stories, and more!

Proposing to my introvert boyfriend: the most empowering moment of my life

This is the story of the most empowering moment of my life. Ok, I’m only 27, so I’m hoping to have a lot more empowering moments but, man, proposing to my introverted boyfriend was incredibly awesome. The best thing is that I did not expect it to feel this way… and I definitely did NOT expect his reaction!

Stop waiting for him to be ready: a businesswoman’s proposal timeline

As a businesswoman, I run within certain social circles (other businesswomen) and we have discovered that we don’t have the luxury to be a woman-in-waiting any longer. As a woman who dates men, I’m done waiting for him to propose — and I suggest you consider being done too.

YES, we will marry this Harry Potter inspired proposal (with wands, robes, and the Unbreakable Vow!)

How to feel patient about getting engaged

This may not be a popular opinion, but I feel sad when I hear how many of my friends seem to think their relationship is somehow not “valid enough” unless they are engaged or married…

A cemetery engagement photo shoot with pumpkins, colorful smoke, and their Best Cats

Are we engaged? Advice for those who feel in-between

My boyfriend of 6 years told me last year that we should get married this December. Up until now, there’s been no engagement ring or proposal whatsoever… So wait, are we engaged or not?

PEAK HALLOWEDDING: When you propose with a coffin ring at a pumpkin patch

Some of you may remember Laurie and Andrew’s moody halloween wedding which featured a ton of classy but macabre morbid details, complete with the bride and groom driving off in a hearse. But wait, did you notice that ring Laurie’s wearing? Did you think to yourself, hey wait a minute — is that a FREAKING COFFIN RING!?

I proposed to my boyfriend using the most romantic moment in Star Wars

I proposed to my boyfriend using the most romantic moment in Star Wars

I proposed to my fiance Simen on our anniversary, so I thought I’d share the story of how I did it with the most romantic part of Star Wars. I went on Etsy and I found a Star Wars fidget spinner ring. He likes Star Wars (though I had never watched any of it), and he fidgets a lot, so I thought it was pretty good. I asked my friend Benedikt JOKINGLY if there was a romantic moment in Star Wars.

He showed me one particular scene you may recognize…