So you need a program for your LGBT wedding: our funniest wedding program goes same-sex

Jayme and Sondra found inspiration in the "So you're going to sit through a wedding" program, but customized it to include some same sex wedding-related questions that were inevitably going to arise. They titled it, "So you're going to sit through your (first, probably) two-bride wedding." They addressed the ceremony legality, ceremony length, and of course, where are the rainbows?!


Save paper: make these digital wedding programs

When my sister was planning her camping-themed wedding she was adamant that (due to budgetary constraints and DIY overload) she did not want to have traditional paper programs. Enter the digital program.


Becky & Shannon's Southern music and paper flowers wedding

This singer/pianist duo loves performing and it totally shows in this musical wedding in a theater. We're talking sheet music flowers, treble heart cake toppers, super professional-looking, and headshots of the "wedding cast." But my favorite part of all is that they had MUSICAL VOWS! You've gotta see how they did it. Plus, if you've ever had a problem finding something dapper and non-dressy to wear to your lesbian wedding, you may have a… "semi-butch quandary!"


Wedding programs: are they really needed?

Seriously. Are they? Our ceremony will be 20-30 minutes long max. And if my partner could get his way, it’d be done in 5. There will be some talking, some vows, the wine box ceremony, kiss, done. I’m just wondering if I need a program with the wedding party info and all that. Will I miss it during and after the wedding or years down the road?