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Floral print dresses, animal print dresses, striped dresses, and ombre dresses… we’ve seen all flavors of gorgeous, candy colored, multi-hued, and jewel-toned print wedding dresses that will knock your socks off.

Jen & David’s laid-back Tennessee barbecue wedding

These two were not getting married — no way, no how. Except then they did, which made the whole shebang offbeat in itself. On top of that, they opted for a casual, outdoor ceremony with some kick-ass barbecue afterwards from the local joint they love. It was simple, small, and perfect for these two, who exemplify our simple weddings week.

Crystal & Mika’s rooftop dance-fest DIY wedding

DIY cocktail-style food, drinks, and reception made this colorful rooftop celebration personalized and kick-ass. All of their crew got busy making dresses, jewelry, and mix CDs, too. And they busted out three signature cocktails worth gawking at. Check out these lovely ladies getting hitched under the sun.

Dina & Desiree’s intercontinental destination queer wedding

Americans living in Australia planning an international wedding in Hawaii — I don’t know how they did it, but you’ll totally want to see it. And they give good advice: always have a piñata.

Kara & John’s “Taste the Rainbow” candy-colored wedding

Skittles aisle decorations, candy-themed table names, and a candy colored dress? Sounds like a nom-worthy party. This bride pulled a switcheroo on her guests by showing up in a demure white gown and then shocking them all with her wildly colored gown at the ceremony.

Andrea & Angelo’s rock ‘n’ roll, leopard-print, Italian feast wedding

A live band playing rock classics, leopard print to die for, and a smidge of DIY makes this wedding no ordinary love. Traditional Italian? Nope. Awesome Italian? Hell yes.

Lisa & Kyle’s zombie apocalypse, punk-rock dance party wedding

Zombies! Mutated Baby Dolls! Leopard Wedding Dress! Bloody Tuxedo Shirts! And the groom has a CHAINSAW!!!! Ruuuuuuuuuun! You must see this wedding.