My boyfriend doesn't want a legal marriage. What can I do to make him reconsider?

My boyfriend has major trust issues from infidelity in his previous marriage. He made it abundantly clear during the early stages of our relationship that he never wanted to remarry. However, he knew that marriage was a must for me. He doesn't want to legally be tied to someone. And I simply don't understand how to compromise on this one. What happens when we have kids? What happens when one of us is in the hospital? I'm so lost and confused and don't know how to meet in the middle.


How Epic Couples coaching can help you prepare for marriage

Real talk: Wedding planning is hard. Marriage is even harder. While I'm planning my second marriage, I'm also planning to do a lot of different things this time around. The number one thing I'm planning to do: get some kind of pre-marital counseling. That's why I'm stoked to talk about our sponsor Epic Couples — a pre-marriage coaching program.

I love how marriage coach, Shannon Hall, Ph.D., described their program…