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SarahKat & Ryan’s Firefly and steampunk Maine woods wedding

Out in the Maine woods, and just a little bit lost, this wedding came together with the spiffiest wedding party this side of Serenity. A little bit steampunk, a little bit Firefly-inspired, and a whole lot of geek-tastic love made this party a woodsy, DIY, and inked-up awesome-fest.

Sarah & Eddie’s “it takes a village” theater wedding

Sometimes a wedding is a project for everyone in a couple’s life, as was the case in this wedding where everyone pitched in. Held in a vintage theater outside of Chicago, the highlights were undoubtedly the meatloaf cake (plus brunch!) and the AMAZING Wai-Ching dress.

Christa & Michael’s potluck pig roast farm wedding

Scottish influences + potluck reception during the busy season = a rowdy, rockin’ farm wedding! Most people pay top dollar for a local, custom menu, but these two have it at their (hard-working) fingertips.

Gorgeous shotgun wedding invitation

I have to send a great big ‘ol shout-out to OBB reader Nancy for ushering us in the direction of a super (and may I even add “duper?”) custom wedding invitation by Anna Rummey who shows us all a thing or two about how to make an awesome wedding invitation when you’re “visibly up the […]

ElisaBethe & Chris’ casual wedding… and a baby!?

“I loved that when I went into labor and delivery and was asked if I was married. I got to reply, ‘Yes, for exactly two hours now.”

Miranda & Mike’s Fun-filled Festival Wedding

The offbeat bride: Miranda Podger, Registered Nurse Her offbeat partner: Mike Podger Location & date of wedding: The dance marquee in a very muddy field at the Pontardawe Music Festival in Pontardawe, South Wales, UK on August 16th, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: A traditional wedding with all the trimmings was never going to […]