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Pick yourself up off the floor after seeing these three wedding party pups

Pick yourself up off the floor after seeing these three wedding party dogs

Michaela and Jeremy comprise the gorgeous pair we’re seeing in these photos from their Old Hollywood-inspired Prague wedding bedecked in sequins and glamour. But I know what you’re thinking: WHO ARE THE PUPPIES? When you see their feathered dresses and adorable suits, that’s an understandable question. This couple rocked a wedding party comprised of three puppers (and nine human companions, too).

Martha & Jonathan’s Israel and Prague unconventional Jewish wedding

The first wedding was in Prague with tungsten rings, the second in Israel with handcuffs. You heard right! Plus, the bride also handmade both of her black and white dresses. When the rain came down, they had to resort to a plan B, but it all turned out fabulously in the end! Check out this small wedding with big cool factor.

Olivia & Lawson’s Old Town Prague wedding that almost wasn’t

You’d think that eloping would make things less stressful. But when airlines cancel two flights due to a giant snowstorm, getting to Prague isn’t exactly the easier option. But this couple persevered, didn’t kill each other, and met their family at their favorite destination, Czech Republic, for the elopement of their dreams.

Vintage wedding in Prague

For those of you on the vintage side of things, feast your eyes on this top hats ‘n’ tails wonderfulness: See more photos of this gorgeous Czech wedding below… All photos courtesy of Tomasz Slota Photography and found via the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool!