Mariangela & Ryan's beach brunch vow renewal

This pair are celebrating more than 14 years of happy marriage: they're also celebrating a big change in faith. They started this new path with a beach-side ceremony and brunch-style potluck. They had singers at the ceremony, a sunny ceremony in a rainy day, and an epic and romantic beach run a la Dudley Moore and Bo Derek.


Toni & Mark's Civil War costumed picnic wedding

With a love for Civil War reenactment, it was no surprise that this couple and their friends were totally down for a period costume picnic. Add in tons of help from those friends and family with a potluck pulled pork feast, and you've got a community-supported party in the making. You'll also want to hear the story of the groom saving the bride from a rogue box fan.


Katy & Aytan's potluck picnic wedding in the park

I just love simple and sweet weddings filled with love and no pretension. Give me a potluck in the park with the nearest and dearest and I'm sold. This wedding has that and a whole lot of sweetness between the couple. Just don't accuse the groom of crying — it was obviously just his hair gel getting in his eyes.


Kate & Alex's sci-fi/fantasy nerd mash-up weddingCon

I'm a nerd. You or someone you love might be a nerd. If so, this is your wedding paradise. It's a nerd-splosion of pop culture and every geek-loving reference you can imagine. Their vows are practically a word puzzle to see how many references you can count. These two cuties are authentic to their shared loves and it's easy to get on the love bandwagon with them.


Shannon & Fran's 1920s era vegan-friendly potluck wedding

A 1920s-inspired wedding… but not in Gatsby style? Hell yes. This couple embraces their more humble beginnings with an intimate and laid-back celebration like their grandparents might have had. This included some vegan-friendly pot luck, old timey penny candy, vintage-style dresses and pocket watches, and super chic lavender and wheat bouquets.