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Use vintage postcards as a guestbook

We’ve always had a particular fondness for vintage postcards, so we decided to use vintage Oregon postcards instead of a traditional guestbook. We invited our guests to fill them out and put them in the mailbox on the table or they could save them to surprise us in the mail later.

Sneaky ways to save money on Vistaprint wedding invitations

So I’m kind of a Vistaprint pro. I’ve been using their printing services for years, and have had great experience getting decent quality stuff on the cheap. It’s really quite astounding how much you can get, for how little money, as compared to other print shops. I wanted to share a couple of things I’ve learned over the years ordering stuff for myself, stuff for work, and now stuff for my wedding.

Crowdsource mini works of art from your guests as the RSVP

Jess and Martyn tapped into their guests’ creative sides to collect all kinds of drawings, poems, collages, and well-wishes as a form of RSVP. They included blank postcards in the invitations, and commissioned artistic or written works of art to display at the reception. What they received was no less than an amazing poster-sized exquisite corpse filled with the energies of the people they love.

Info for save the dates and 3 things to be sure to include

Our Save the Date postcards turned out pretty well, I have received many compliments. But if I could do them all over again, I would do a few things differently.

Here are the three things we should have included on our save the date postcards.

How I used Vistaprint for basically everything

I have used Vistaprint for many years, ever since I needed my first business cards as a grad student. In a nutshell, I like them because I get what I want for way cheaper than anywhere else. Here are all the different things I ordered for our wedding, including items that aren’t often billed as wedding products…