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Offbeat Bride supports and celebrates all kinds of polyamorous weddings and commitment ceremonies, with ceremony scripts, vow ideas, and advice about rings and readings. If you’re interested in polyam weddings, you may also want to check out polyamory-related posts on our sister site: polyamory on Offbeat Home & Life.

Jodi & Kim’s glow sticks and bling wedding

This wedding has an official “flower disbursement” and “ring security agents.” Basically, they mean business. On top of that, a dog walked down the aisle, a fish was memorialized, and glow sticks featured prominently in the unity ceremony. I think we’re in for some fun. Oh, and you have to read about the jaw-dropping encounter with their first videographer. It was NUTS.

Wedding ceremony readings for polyamorous couples

Need help finding a poly-friendly wedding reading that shows that a couple loves each other, but that also shows respect to their extra-marital partners? We’re here for you.

Christine & Derek’s misadventurous rainbow hodgepodge of freaks & geeks wedding

This hodgepodge of rainbows and sunny moments has lots of creative awesomeness and colorful memories! The bright rainbow dress! The boyfriend’s orange vest! The quiddich robes! The skit before the vows! You guys, tune in for a team that pulled together and laughed together and serenaded the nerves away….

5 offbeat marriages that may need a lawyer

Look, I know what you’re thinking, because I’m a lawyer when I’m not being a bride and I hear it all the time. Seeing a lawyer isn’t like a cake tasting or interviewing a band. It’s not fun. But if your offbeat family fits one of these five categories, you’ll want a consultation with an attorney licensed in your state ASAP, not after you start getting RSVPs.

Milestone put out the call for Offbeat Brides, and here are the awesome results!

Over a year ago, I reached out to Offbeat Bride readers in the hope that I would find specific kinds of offbeat couples whose vision for their wedding photography matched my own. I’m telling you… I asked, and you all answered, big time! The response was amazing. Here are some of my favorite photographs that resulted from these collaborations, AND I’m up for doing it again (with discounts to sweeten the deal!).

My collaring ceremony script from my polyamorous commitment ceremony

Many of you have written to us, wanting more inspiration for BDSM and polyamorous wedding ceremonies. Well, here’s a collaring ceremony that combines both!