5 offbeat marriages that may benefit from the assistance of a lawyer

Look, I know what you're thinking, because I'm a lawyer when I'm not being a bride and I hear it all the time. Seeing a lawyer isn't like a cake tasting or interviewing a band. It's not fun. But if your offbeat family fits one of these five categories, you'll want a consultation with an attorney licensed in your state ASAP, not after you start getting RSVPs.


Milestone put out the call for Offbeat Brides, and here are the awesome results!

Over a year ago, I reached out to Offbeat Bride readers in the hope that I would find specific kinds of offbeat couples whose vision for their wedding photography matched my own. I'm telling you… I asked, and you all answered, big time! The response was amazing. Here are some of my favorite photographs that resulted from these collaborations, AND I'm up for doing it again (with discounts to sweeten the deal!).