Liza & Matthew's joyful polka dot tattooed wedding

When you've done it once the wrong way, sometimes you come out of it knowing exactly the way you want it this time — a polka-dotted, red and blue, retro, DIYed outdoor bonanza. There were lots of happy tears (with video), excellent fashion and style choices, and even some vows that include Yankee Candles.


Lauren & Chris' polka dot bowling alley wedding

The bride loves owls, purple, and polka dots, while the groom likes plaid. Clashing? Hell no! Put it all together in a retro bowling alley and the deal is sealed. Some science-inspired vows and a Thriller interlude capped off the ceremony. Check out this retro-inspired wedding in California.


Polka-dot pumps for your wedding toes

Today it's all about the polka dots and the heels. Polka dots always feel a little bit retro, but done the right way, they can feel classy and sophisticated, too. Peeking out from underneath an otherwise more conservative wedding outfit, they can be the perfect exclamation point at the bottom of your gown. I'm tossing in a few larger dots, and one pair of dots AND stripes shoes, but for the most part these heels are all polka-dotty all the time.