A bowler-hatted London wedding with a three-hour tour

Vanessa and Osiris are originally from Venezuela, and now live and work in London. They planned a three-part event around London to show their global guests (from Venezuela to LA and beyond) some gorgeous sights in the place they love. From ceremony to a three hour boat cruise with a cream tea, to rockin' reception, everything was lovely and sweet and delicious food was everywhere.


Hayley & Stephen's 1950s polka dot wedding

They could have hopped a plane to Vegas, but why not capitalize on how good the groom looks with Teddy Boy hair and rock a 1950s theme? Add in a three-piece live band, black flamingo accents, and LOTS of polka dots, and the theme is made!


Tarryn & Dylan's rock 'n' roll retro wedding

This couple had a 2013 wedding date, but after nine years of dating, they said to hell with waiting, let's get hitched! Three months later they had booked a cool vintage-style restaurant and their nearest and dearest watched them get married in a most excellent retro rock 'n' roll fashion. They may not have remembered to get themselves fed on the day, but they did not forget to bring the style!


Polkadot wedding shoes: spring 2012 edition

It's only been a few months since my last polkadot wedding shoes post, but people: spring 2012 has been KIND to lovers of the dots.

Below, I've got polkadot heels and wedges, flats and booties, Oxfords and sandals.

As is increasingly the case with my shoe posts, things get weirder and weirder toward the bottom. I'mma start with some gentler black and white options, some nice tan dots for those of you who don't want to blind your guests…but we're going to close with dot/floral mixes, platforms with polkadots and skulls, and other spotty freakery.