Get some vintage typewriter action into your wedding with As a Paper Doll

How many of you are totally in love with those vintage typewriter wedding details, but alas(!) you do not own or have access to a vintage typewriter? Our sponsor As a Paper Doll is your gateway to vintage typewriter-made wedding goodies! Maybe your not exactly sure HOW you can incorporate awesome typewritten stationery into your wedding, but you know you'd like to? Check out some more of the ways As a Paper Doll can vintage-ify your party details…


Science-y, steampunk-y vial place cards

We're trying to make our reception tables look like the desk of a (mad?) scientist or at least a bit bookish and science-y. So these are our place cards! They're all itty bitty glass vials with a label and some contents. The label names are geeky references. The contents are mostly things from the pantry. And then we're gonna put the name cards on top.


Love triumphs over stormy weather and a reception blackout

Leah and Heather were married on June 7th at Triumph Brewing Company in New Hope, PA, where the pair had one of their first dates and countless date nights after. Leah designed the place cards, table numbers, her bouquet, Heather's boutonniere, and the CD favors. But the best silver lining moment came when the intense storm going on caused a blackout at the reception!