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Use bookmarks as your escort cards and have them double as favors

Emily and Phil’s book-loving wedding had a pretty sweet book tie-in: bookmark escort cards! Take your card, find your seat, and have a little keepsake to remind you of a kick-ass wedding while you’re reading. Plus, most printing venues offer this size, so DIYing it would be pretty easy, if you were game.

Use snapshots of your guests to assign seating

Kat and Earl injected their table assignments a little more personalization by using snapshots of their guests. While this might not work for large weddings, your small to medium-sized wedding could totally benefit from more photos of your guests’ purty faces.

Create gorgeous place cards for free with leaves

Hey, do you need place cards for your table, but don’t want to spend ANY money on them? Then you’re going to want to steal this idea from Hannah and Mick’s wedding in Bali

Put your wedding’s hashtag on the back of your place cards

You know what’s awesome? Your friends taking awesome photos of your wedding, and sharing their fun moments online, where you can see ’em. You know what’s not awesome? Missing those photos and tweets because you were distracted in the days surrounding your event.

Use clip-on earrings as place card holders

My very good friend’s wedding was beach themed, so I thought it was appropriate to suggest using beach-y clip-on earrings on the place card holders. They continue the theme, they add stability to the cards, and they’re a snap to put on!

Repurpose cassette tapes as place cards

If you’re like me, you probably have an old shoe box full of cassette tapes, and nary a cassette deck in sight. Instead of ditching your old tapes, you can do what Offbeat Bride Lauren did at her House of Blues wedding