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These unicorn heels are the fuzzy, horned wedding shoes you didn't even know you needed

These unicorn heels are the fuzzy, horned wedding shoes you didn’t even know you needed

I’m pretty obsessed with Hot Chocolate shoes. But when I recently spied this fuzzy pair of unicorn heels complete with tail and horn, I HAD to start this post like right now. And of course, it led me down the rabbit hole of other unicorn wedding shoes to share, too.

Cream shoes for bridesmaids (that we don't call NUDE!)

15 cream shoes for bridesmaids and brides (that we don’t call NUDE!)

“Nude” and “flesh-tone” are super popular color names for shoes, bras, panties, hell, even adhesive bandages! It’s no surprise that we’re seeing it so often. They’re not Sarah’s fault, they’re eeeeeerywhere. And they’re also racist, and even Merriam-Webster has expanded their definition of “nude” as a color. So before we discuss the issue of what shoes Sarah might wear, let’s get down to brass tacks. These are cream shoes for bridesmaids or maybe beige shoes, but definitely not nude shoes.

49 wedding shoe photos to make your heart dance (and your mouth water)

From creative photography ideas, to even more creative wedding shoe customization, to the sparkly, or colorful, or comfortable shoes of your wedding dreams! Some of these are so good you could eat them… literally! These wedding shoe photos have got your eyes and feet covered…

Sweet and wild wedding flats as seen on @offbeatbride #ironfist

Care Bears, cupcakes, and skulls: Sweet and wild wedding flats from Iron Fist

One way to ensure a little more comfort in your tootsies on the wedding day? WEDDING FLATS. But you’re not resigned to boring styles when Iron Fist exists. They have a shit ton of amazingly weird, wild, and straight-up adorable wedding flats to match your theme or just to add a little whimsy under a long dress. Whether you’ll be rocking skulls or cupcakes, they’ve got you covered. Come peruse the styles I found to see if we can find your sweet or wild wedding flats.

Ooh, let’s talk about Chase & Chloe shoes

This is another one of those shoe posts where I get sniffing into one particular brand of shoes. Chase & Chloe pulled me in this time with the vintage-flavored styles — lots of T-straps, teardrop cut-outs, scalloped edges, and super mega affordability with all these styles coming in under $50. Let’s take a peek-see, shall we?

12 wedding shoes with pom-poms, fluffy bits, and other furry floofies

As y’all should know by now, I spend a lot of time looking at shoes. They are clearly my favorite wedding accessory, and there are days when it feels like I’ve seen it all… today, however, is not one of those days. What’s up with all the little fuzzy pom-poms I’m starting to notice on heels lately? They’re so touchable! I want to poke them all. Let’s take a look.