Hot shoes, a rainbow cake, and some little dudes with mohawks

Tribesmaid Creepingminx's sports "Flick Flack" shoes by Irregular Choice that come in all kinds of patterns and colors. There's also a little peek of her foot ink! But hers were not the only fabulous shoe porn to be had in the Flickr Pool this week. We also saw some hand-painted shoes and some that are uber glam. Add in some awesome tutorials and a couple of little boy mohawks and this week's Monday Montage will start the week off right.


Pink boots, mustache flasks, and one killer comic save-the-date

Tribe member Deloreangrrl's groom and his friend made this save-the-date comic strip from an old Batman comic for their Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding. And these were emailed to save on postage and to be kind to the earth. This, among many other excellent photos of boots, kilts, flasks, dresses, awesome ink, and a circus tent piñata, came from our reader submissions. I love it when the Tribe, the Offbeat Flickr Pool, and the Offbeat Bride Pinterest account come though for us with this kind of eye candy.


Jenifer & Shawn's last-minute backyard BBQ wedding

A vintage dress to die for, a heart theme (including awesome headpiece!), fun with piñatas, and the sweetest homemade book about their relationship — you're in for a backyard wedding with a ton of heart(s). These two moved their wedding date up seven months to coincide with a birthday party and Easter weekend, which left them with only days to finish. But finish they did, and you'll want to see the result.