Fill a cake with goodies to make it a piñata cake

A big ball of cake filled with candy?! What the hell else could this be but a PIÑATA CAKE! It's a cake with more goodies inside of it. Wouldn't this look fab on a sweets table (and like tons of work went into it)? It doesn't even seem that hard to make since you bake it before you cut it and fill it up.


Rachelle & Eric's rainy improv-tastic casual cookout wedding

This couple may have gotten rained out of their original location, but an obliging firehouse ended up being an awesome substitute. As far as reception entertainment goes, this wedding wins all around: stand-up comedy, live improv, piñata bashing, and musical chairs! Plus, the story about the bride's grandmother making her cake had me fighting the tears. Enjoy your Fourth of July with this Fourth of July cookout wedding!


Jessica & Jacob's low-key '50s-Style wedding

At first I was like, "I love that dress!" and then I was all, "I love that hat!" And finally I said, "I love this wedding!" 1950s-inspired fashion, a low-key dinner after some geeky vows (Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who included), fun with a piñata, and a bazillion folded cranes — this is a wedding to savor.


Hot shoes, a rainbow cake, and some little dudes with mohawks

Tribesmaid Creepingminx's sports "Flick Flack" shoes by Irregular Choice that come in all kinds of patterns and colors. There's also a little peek of her foot ink! But hers were not the only fabulous shoe porn to be had in the Flickr Pool this week. We also saw some hand-painted shoes and some that are uber glam. Add in some awesome tutorials and a couple of little boy mohawks and this week's Monday Montage will start the week off right.