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10 pairs of wedding plugs for stretched ears – from discreet to daring!

These formal wedding plugs are amazing for weddings, for your special occasions, or even camouflaging stretched lobes for dinner with grandma. We went for a range of styles, from more traditional pearls and diamonds to totally daring carved wooden styles, boho styles, goth wedding plugs, and even lolita / anime style wedding plugs!

Cristin & Frank’s Nightmare Before Christmas wedding

An intricate headpiece, a lush brooch bouquet, a Renaissance-style purple and black dress, and some Nightmare Before Christmas details — it’s a wedding any Tim Burton fan would love. With lots of DIY and a casual vibe, everyone seemed right at home. Plus, don’t miss the canine ring bearer in a shmancy top hat!

Lauren & Steve’s homey family reunion barn wedding

When we feature weddings with barns AND tentacle content in one week, it can only mean it’s BARNACLE WEEK! Today we’ve got a lovely Midwest barn setting, some adorable fur babies, and a sweet, poetry-reading grandma.

A barn wedding among the fall leaves

Molly and Scott are bad-assery in motion: awesome music-making, smoking in the boy’s room, dreadlock-sporting hip kids. They celebrated at Clay Hill Farm (a perfect fit for this week’s Barnacle theme!), and everything looked divine against the changing leaves of Maine in October.

A delightfully macabre Victorian gothic wedding

Molly and James’ wedding at The Gatehouse of Lionsgate Events Center in Lafayette, Colorado is a gothic Victorian feast for the eyes. We’re talking belly dancers, tarot card readers, hula hoopers, and a royal blue gown designed by a Cirque du Soleil costume designer. The macabre theme continued with death tag wedding place cards, black-painted trees, a creep-tastic candy buffet, and a blue and white spider web cake.

Morgan & Jon’s multi-location trifecta wedding

Four locations, four weddings, and four times the reason to see what the hell it’s all about! And that includes a hand-spray-painted dress, a surprise wedding tattoo, and a really awesome “water ceremony.” You must see what ceremony flub made all the guests raise their hands in the air and wave ’em like they just don’t care.