Andrea & Steve's laid-back Mario-themed budget wedding

Old skool Nintendo details abound in this bright and happy state park wedding. We've got a handmade Mario brick block card box, a Mario and Peach cake with baby mushroom cupcakes all around, and cactus favors which fit right into the theme. But it wasn't all just gamer hijinks: sweet vows and a super meaningful ring made it all very romantic. Oh, and you'll LOVE this pair's unity ceremony!


Let's travel to Malaysia for tons of colorful details and an epic dress

It's always a major treat when we see a wedding from across the globe (in this case, Malaysia!) and recognize our shared loves: colorful dresses, photo booth props, hanging photos, bow ties, cutie cake toppers, and faaaaabulous shoes! Izmira's dress is like a pastel cupcake with a yellow bow, and Nizam completely matches in his yellow suspenders and bright blue pants.


Kim & Cole's barn and bonfire wedding

We spied this most excellently dressed wedding party recently and were totally hoping to see the full wedding story. Thankfully, Kim and Cole obliged. Get ready for a seriously chic venue with their added DIY fabulousness (like a sweet DIY photo booth and wine cork chandelier!), and two of the most dapper-as-hell brides we've ever seen.


Keli & James' video games comedy and butterflies wedding

They met playing Final Fantasy, had tons of gamer-happy music, and an epic Portal cake. I think we're looking at a gamer's paradise wedding here. A real live stand-up comedian at the reception made this dance-free wedding have no lack of entertainment. Oh, and you'll love how the bride was given away by her dad and stepdad! Adorableness: check.