Laura & Dave's succulents, accordions, and Paper Moon wedding

This couple knows the rules for sticking to your budget and make every choice count. With an adorable photo booth, an accordion serenade, and tons of DIY succulent centerpieces, you'll definitely find something to love. Oh, and you'll definitely want to see the groom's face at the first look — it's epic.


Star bouquets, ray guns, and a moon landing cake

Trish and Al took the Wayback Machine back to childhood for a wild day playing in the snow, posing with their wedding crew, and of course, getting married! Plus, who can resist a bride in glittery Converse, leg warmers, a cape, hot pink crinoline, and a star bouquet? The reception looked out of control with a space theme including robots, ray guns, astronauts and superheroes (and Doctor Who!) photo booth, and their hilarious moon landing cake. Like their favors said: "it was a blast!"


Sarah & Patrick's laid-back space jump wedding

Get married under the moon? You bet your ass these two did! That, along with a huge bounce house, handmade (and painted!) astronaut cut-out, and a planetarium show, made this wedding out of this world… and other puns! But seriously, get a load of the giant "LOVE" balloons at the ceremony, the bride's starry headpiece, and the bit of sage wisdom about photo-taking from their venue!


Amanda & Alex's silly DIY barbecue wedding

A hardcore band nerd married a bookworm who doesn't know how to play a kazoo properly, but damned if they didn't totally celebrate their shared loves of science fiction, games, music, and all things ridiculous. With a modest budget, they had a wedding that had something for everyone: board games, frisbee, a photo booth, dancing, booze, and lots and lots of BBQ.