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Everything from wedding photo booth rental, to how to DIY a photo booth, to photo booth apps and props… SAY CHEESE!

Personalized photo booth backdrops

Death Stars & ’80s lasers: photo booth backdrops that will become everyone’s profile photo

We love us some photo booths, so if you’re planning to DIY your own at your reception, you’ve got to have a fun backdrop, right? Here are some photo booth backdrops that can be personalized with your names, some that are sci-fi-themed, and a whole lot of sequins and retro fun.

These are the weirdest and best Halloween wedding items we could find

These are the weirdest and coolest Halloween wedding items we could find

This is Halloween, ya’ll, so we went on the hunt for the weirdest, most awesome, most unexpected, and coolest Halloween wedding items we could find on the interwebs. We’ve got weird hats, pumpkin teeth for all those carved pumpkins, skeleton body suits, black diamond fang rings, Halloween movie items, Halloween favor ideas… it’s wild up in here.

If you’re stocking up for your Halloween wedding next year or just need some killer decor for your house, this list will be your jam. Let’s go shopping, witches.

GIF photo booth for your wedding

Is a GIF photo booth the way to get all your guests to change their profile pic?

This amazing two-dude vintage wedding had a very fun photo booth alternative: a GIF photo booth! It’s pronounced GIF, not GIF, btw (oh terrible internet jokes…). Since we’re already in the thick of internetting, GIF-ing our guests just seems like the right choice for maximum funs. Plus, imagine how many of these GIFs will become profile photos? Like, all of them?

Get celestial with a paper moon photo booth

Amy and Jake’s vintage woodland wedding swept us away with rustic atmosphere, and their paper moon photo booth fit the theme perfectly. This would especially be appealing if you’re a vintage movie cinephile. We had the original vendor for their photo booth and saw that they had some amazing other photo booths as well! Time for a roundup, methinks. Let’s see what paper moon photo booth inspiration we can snag…

A bluegrass 1920s speakeasy wedding as seen on @offbeatbride #twenties #wedding

This mug shot photo booth gives your guests the criminal element

Hope and David’s speakeasy-style wedding had so much retro style (think bluegrass music, a moonshine speakeasy room, and an El Camino getaway car. But our favorite part? The old timey mug shot photo booth! With a blank wall, a little black tape, a few crime-themed props, and an instant camera, you’ve got an awesome photo booth to fill up a photo guest book.

Azkaban wedding photo booth on @offbeatbride

We’re Sirius: this Azkaban photo booth will bring out the magical criminals in all your guests

Kayleigh’s DIY project skills for her stunning and magical Harry Potter-themed wedding were unparalleled, but one of our favorite parts was this Azkaban poster photo booth. Acquire a few Harry Potter-inspired props, grab some thick poster board, and create a prisoner number sign to hold and you’re almost there.