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Jodi & Kim’s glow sticks and bling wedding

This wedding has an official “flower disbursement” and “ring security agents.” Basically, they mean business. On top of that, a dog walked down the aisle, a fish was memorialized, and glow sticks featured prominently in the unity ceremony. I think we’re in for some fun. Oh, and you have to read about the jaw-dropping encounter with their first videographer. It was NUTS.

Sarah & Mat’s offbeat lite Unitarian art museum wedding

We must tease this… it can’t be helped. Boob body shots with wine. Oh, and there’s also awesome pop culture table names, sweet little vows, the groom’s daring and snazzy white tux, and a fabulous art museum backdrop. Plus, you’ll want to know how this couple utilized their “music bouncers” to get the job done.