Sarah & Mark's red ribbon rose steampunk library handfasting

Put on your goggles and your neo-Victorian gear, because this is STEAMPUNK WEEK! Today we've got a Victorian-styled red rose wedding paired with a book theme and a red dress with a peacock train. We're talking a book cake, book pages bunting, a fabulous DIYed top hat, and all the vivid red you can handle.


Jennie & Daniel's tropical adventure-themed zoo wedding

Animals, adventure, and retro travel… now that's a wild wedding setup. With lots of DIY from the crafty bride and some dance floor shenanigans, this zoo wedding was bound to bring out everyone's animal side. Get ready for animal prints, peacock feathers, animal crackers, and tropical-themed centerpieces.


Brandi & Jonah's pinwheels and cheesecake state park wedding

The details in this wedding are ultra fun: pinwheels, a crocheted bouquet and boutonnieres, lawn games in the park, a purty ring puppy… not to mention a Mexican buffet and a meaningful cheesecake! Yep, meaningful. You'll see why. This bride completely battled through a new diagnosis to get through wedding planning, and her love and perseverance shine. Plus, she has some advice for taking on the haters that any of ya'll can use.


Pink and orange with heart-shaped sammies on top

I'm in love with these geeks in love and their wedding in Arizona. And with their pink and orange happy-pants color scheme. And with the bride's tea-length dress that shows off her ink (that also matches the peacocks strutting around. AND we love their tiered Rice Krispy treat cake. My relationship with it is getting serious. We may be thinking a marshmallow/me marriage. I think you'll love it, too, so make yourself a heart-shaped PB&J, get to scrolling, and take it all in.