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Offbeat New York wedding venues as seen on @offbeatbride #newyork #weddings

Offbeat New York wedding venues from real offbeat weddings

Between Offbeat Bride readers, our archive of real weddings, and our Vendor Guide, we’ve seen a LOT of vendor recommendations. So we decided to start rounding up these nuggets of info sourced directly from our readers for a series of reader recommended vendor list posts. We’re continuing on to another one of our largest markets: venues in New York City and the greater New York area.

Rustic loveliness on a budget: a potluck wedding with oodles of style

The bride wore a chic pantsuit, the groom wore locs and paisley, and the DIYed rustic burlap details (including a chic as hell fabric flower bouquet!) are killer. This potluck wedding has so much style on so little budget. Oh, and just wait until you hear how the bride walked herself down the aisle. Spoiler alert: she SANG A SONG while she walked. Oh hell yes. Get ready to swoon at this amazing wedding.

Tiny, hip, simple, and ultra budget-friendly autumn wedding

Want a lesson in how to keep things under a super low budget? Use this wedding as your example. Trader Joe’s flowers, handmade headpieces, and an accommodating photographer: a recipe for budget success! But the real story is the STYLE of this super sweet and tiny wedding in Massachusetts. So gorgeous.

non-chair wedding seating

How can we have chair seating at our park venue when chairs aren’t allowed?

My fiancé and I are having our ceremony in a public garden in New Jersey and have been told that we are not allowed to bring chairs for our guests. We have discussed buying nice picnic blankets and laying them about for our guests to sit on, but I would still like something a little more “chair-like.” How do you create comfortable seating rather than just having guests on their feet the whole time?

The author of “Mario Kart Love Song” gets hitched

Karen and Sam’s wedding took place at Preservation Park in downtown Oakland, California — and it turns out this park is the perfect backdrop for creative couples who are infatuated with all things CUTE. Everything from the rainbow paper cranes to the happy-faced plushies decorating the reception spot is adorbz.

Danielle & Russell’s “NormPod Wedding Experience” all around San Francisco

This whirlwind of a wedding goes all over San Francisco, on top of a two-story carousel, into parks and pubs, and flies a kite the whole time. Plus, it’s so much of a whirlwind that it started 45 minutes early and the couple didn’t even realize it! You might remember this bride from her GoPro bouquet, so here’s the full, amazing, colorful story from the couple themselves.