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Wedding parasols can be so great — bridesmaid parasols keep your ladies from getting sunburnt, and make for super cute pictures. Wedding parasol decor is also a thing. We’ve got pictures and ideas for you to steal.

Lily & Chris’ double happiness rock ‘n’ roll two wedding weekend

It’s one thing to take on a big wedding; it’s a whole other thing to plan two back-to-back ceremonies and parties! But once you see the retro fashion, Asian-inspired details, Chinese dancing lions, and sweet band tribute from the groom, you’ll totally agree that it’s a double happiness moment. OH, and a ceremonial martial arts board breaking by the bride? It happened — twice.

Kara & Adam’s 1930s-inspired aviation history wedding

A wedding in an aviation museum is one thing, but this couple added in some amazing 1930s details that take it to another level. We’re talking photos that totally suggest Casablanca, complete with a Humphrey Bogart-style groom in a white jacket. The air mail-toting flower girls, the “Adventure Book,” and a spectacular venue space just make it all that much more awesome.

Aussie anime lovers tie the knot

One thing you must know about this couple, Karl and Kristina, is that they had this engagement shoot. Yep, that’s a cosplay of the anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which was a shared interest when they met. Their wedding, while not an exercise in cosplay, totally had veins of their anime love throughout (including the main characters of their favorite show as the cake toppers!).

Courtney & Rhys’ Alaskan steampunk octopus-spattered beach wedding

Whether you call them octopuses or octopodes, you’re gonna love looking for all of them in this steamy beachy wedding. Hint: check out the bride’s hairclip, the handmade papier mache, and the seriously breathtaking mountain backdrop, and that’s before the fabulous goggles and gadgetry the wedding party and guests are sporting. Gear up…

Piranha plants and comic books at Peace Arch Park

Mary and Andrew were married in Blaine, Washington at Peace Arch International Park, which is between Surrey, British Columbia and Blaine, Washington. It’s also Geek Week, where we celebrate our nerdy and pop culture-loving comrades, and this wedding totally fits the bill with comic books and old school Nintendo references.

This geeky Browncoat wedding was shiniest wedding in the ‘verse

This week we’re celebrating our sci-fi-loving, fantasy-squeeing, and comic book-collecting couples. Today we have a couple of hardcore Browncoats celebrating with dinosaur centerpieces, Nerf Mavericks, and Firefly-inspired costumes.