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A booklover’s library wedding (with special appearances by Sonic the hedgehog)

Books was our obvious wedding theme (the first indication being that the wedding was at a library), but my husband actually hates reading (…THE HORROR!), so we included some Sonic the Hedgehog elements because that’s his all-time favorite video game.

Hair-raising Halloween shoes you can Amazon Prime to your door ASAP

Last-minute Halloween wedding shoppers: do you have your shoes selected yet? If not, these Halloween shoes are going to save you since you can snag them via Amazon Prime in no time flat. Speaking of flat, we’ve got heels, boots, flats, and booties in prints like skulls, zombies, spider webs, black cats, and even creepy-ass clowns. Oh, and no judgment if you’re just buying these shoes to chill in while giving out candy. That’s what I’ll be doing, at least. You’ve got to rock vertebrae heels on Halloween!

Let’s go shopping!

Orange is the new wedding shoe

Sure, if you’re having a Halloween wedding, it’s extra seasonally appropriate to share orange wedding shoes. But let’s be clear on this: orange wedding shoes are for any day, and every day. Our own Megan wore orange shoes at her beach wedding, so I know for a fact that they look awesome on everyone from autumnal brides looking to match the leaves, to destination brides looking to match the sunset. I’ve included lots of flats here, as well. Let’s dive in…

Wedding shoes that will never be mine

I knew as soon as I saw those adorable shoes up there in the middle, that I couldn’t afford them. They would never be mine. Normally, I opt out of admiring things I can’t have… but when it comes to footwear, I make exceptions. I like to imagine the fantastical cocktail parties I’d never attend in these shoes, the meetings with publicists in Los Angeles that would never happen, the TED Talks I’d never deliver, and the standing ovations I’d never know. Sometimes, a little fantasy is just fine.

An orange Seattle wedding with a candy bouquet, tarot reader, and his-and-her wedding sneakers

Lin and Philip’s wedding had one theme: ORANGE. The color dominated everything from their sneakers (yes, they both wore sneakers!) and wardrobe details to the candy-laden dessert table. Those aren’t the only sweet details: Lin carried a bouquet made entirely from Dum Dums and Philip donned a boutonniere to match. Their dog Hannah served as a key player throughout the day, and a tarot reader performed a reading during the ceremony. Speaking of Hannah, wait until you see the super cute hands-and-paws family photo the three of them took during the reception.

Coral wedding shoes: pumps, flats, and skulls! [UPDATED for 2022!]

Can we talk about coral? It’s not quite orange, but not quite pink. It’s definitely brighter than peach, and it complements teal perfectly if you’re into that kind of thing. It’s also the color that I’m single-mindedly fixating on today, with a whole post full of pumps, flats, and the most adorably dapper coral nubuck oxfords. Interestingly, several of these shoes also involve skulls in various ways… I love it when macabre details show up in unexpected places.