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Kjirsten& Bruce’s medieval pagan handfasting vow renewal

I had the biggest, goofiest grin on my face while reading about this wedding. Seeing the love at a young couple’s wedding is one thing, but seeing the same big, soppy, lovey-dovey love after 20 years at a vow renewal just rocks. Kids, dogs, handmade medieval garb, and a wicked maypole brings it all together.

Julia & Kory’s casual rock ‘n’ roll sideshow wedding

An indestructible bride and her zombie rocker dude create “the world’s strangest married couple.” Creepy magicians, Sno-Cones, and a ton of duct tape will keep this couple stuck togetha foreva.

Nicole and Katie’s romantic, multicultural, garden wedding

Many thanks to Maureen of dreamy Public Market kissing photo fame for alerting us to the amazingness of Nicole and Katie’s wedding. I got in touch with Nicole who gave me some glorious porn to tide you over until they submit their wedding profile.

This groom’s purple outfit will make you squee

When I saw Cuba and Anna’s Offbeat Very Community-Oriented Wedding, I about died. Their entire wedding was gorgeous, but I was especially struck by Cuba’s outfit. So, I asked him to give me the details…

Gina & Frank’s circus-freak, carnival wedding and sideshow

Gina & Frank showed their life long commitment to each other by getting ring tattoos during their ceremony! This fit in perfectly with their tattoo-filled, circus side-show themed wedding.