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Betsy & Seth’s unexpectedly steampunk DIYed handfasting

Put on your goggles and your neo-Victorian gear, because this is STEAMPUNK WEEK! Today we’ve got an unexpectedly steampunk wedding with pumpkin wine chillers, kilts, and a fabulous handfasting. Oh, and their favorite moment is one of those that will totally make you say “awww.”

Talia & Charles’ herbtastic foodie wedding

Olive oil favors, herb centerpieces, a unity cocktail — this wedding sounds delicious! Add in the bride’s bright orange dress (that becomes short for dancing!), a salt covenant, and even a foot washing, and it becomes pretty damn tear-jerking, too. Plus, you’ll never guess how the best man started our his speech. Hint: it was just as special as the bride’s vows!

A Nigerian ceremony, lip-trembling first looks, and some amazing hair

Tribesmaid Revedehautbois and her groom Olawale had a traditional Nigerian engagement ceremony that included these amazing outfits (and gorgeous fan). And while this photo was a great find in the Offbeat Bride Tribe, the lovely photo opportunities just kept on coming.

A courthouse wedding with a bed and breakfast bash

This week we’re celebrating intimate weddings with destination elopements, cozy city hall vows, and private romantic ceremonies. It’s the warm fuzzies on a smaller scale. Today we’ve got Lauren and Gretchen, who rocked a private courthouse ceremony and then a bed and breakfast party with lots of friends and family.

A funky and colorful craft museum wedding

Funky, colorful, and personalized was the goal for this celebration of Mary and Carl. It was intended to be outdoors, but the backup rain plan had to be used! Good thing the indoor space was awesome. Mauryn Kkira at Creative Wedding Solutions handled the design, decor, and custom centerpieces at this colorful and bookish wedding.

Alicia & Cody’s fiery dragon and phoenix art gallery wedding

With amazing gradient mobiles that match the bride’s earrings that match her dress that matches the cake that matches the fiery candles… WHEW! Seriously, this wedding is a sight to see and totally authentic to their tastes. Plus, the bride painted a spectacular (seriously) triptych for the ceremony that made my day.