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Wait until you see the outfits at this Victorian theme wedding at Lobo Castle

The bride made her own Victorian wedding dress, the groom wore an impeccable top hat, and the guests all came in FULL era-appropriate costumes…

Channel the setting sun with these breathtaking sunset gradient gowns from Wai-Ching

Channel the setting sun with these breathtaking sunset gradient gowns from Wai-Ching

Wai-Ching’s colorful, eco-friendly, custom wedding dresses and attire have been a mainstay to our readers for lo these many, many years. Wai-Ching dresses and attire are so beautiful and customizable that we are endlessly surprised and delighted by the dresses we feature on the blog.

Here’s why we especially love the Wai-Ching process and result and some of our favorites in the sunset gradient style, perfect for both summer and fall weddings with their rich reds, pinks, umbers, and purples. OH! And don’t miss the discount we’ve got especially for readers…

This BBQ wedding featured a “first rib”

These two totally embraced some awesome faves from Offbeat Bride: muglies, one of our favorite dress designers, Converse, hand-knitted shawls, and handmade handfasting cords. They took some advice to take a breather during the ceremony and totally rocked the venue selection (hello, gorgeous!).

Embrace fall colors with these orange wedding dresses

Wow, you guys LUV’d the black wedding dresses post we did! So I was like, maybe Offbeat Brides would like to be reminded about all of our orange dresses too? I started wandering through our archives (that thing is deep, yo. Take a flashlight and drop breadcrumbs). I found 10 stunning orange dresses just because I like you so much. Enjoy!

Karen & Chris’ spooktacular Halloween wedding

It’s our favorite week for spooky, gothic, and horror-themed weddings — it’s HALLOWEEN WEEK! Today we’ve got a couple fully decked-out in Halloween colors, pumpkin cakes, a costume contest, and lots of Tim Burton. Don’t miss the super gross-looking (but surely tasty) blood fountain.

The tiara that launched a thousand ships: a Cambodian wedding in Massachusetts

Jacqui and Sam had a two-day wedding to cover all their bases: the couple wanted to honor Cambodian and American ceremonies and traditions. Photog [vendor-heart link=""]Zac Wolf[/vendor-heart] sent us photos from the colorful love-in that was day one (you can see day two here)! The events of the day took place in the couple’s home, and they participated in four separate ceremonies.