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We get LOTS of wedding advice questions from readers, and while we always recommend doing a search of our 5000+ posts in our archives (we’ve covered a LOT of territory over the years!), sometimes we get stumped. That’s when we open the question up to readers in open threads to ask y’all… what are YOU doing? If you’d like to submit a question or a topic for an open thread, email us!

Should we still have a wedding shower if we’re an eloping military couple?

Since my fiance is in the Army, we are not able to include friends and family on our wedding day. Should we be able to have a bridal shower and bachelorette party as planned? Are we cheating our friends out of what’s due to them since they are giving us gifts? Is it unfair to invite people to a shower, and then not invite them to a wedding?

Open thread: What to do with my dress after the wedding?

I’m making my own wedding dress… and I just don’t know what I’m going to do with it afterwards. If it was going to be a shop bought dress, I wouldn’t have an issue selling it, but because of the amount of work that I’d be putting into it, I think it’d feel a bit odd to sell it… but on the other hand I think it’d feel odd to just keep it boxed up somewhere.

I’m basically wondering what you will be doing with your dress after your weddings are over and done with.

OPEN THREAD: Is keeping my ex-husband’s last name disrespectful to my fiance?

I feel greatly conflicted. At this stage in my life, I resent the burden of having to change my name (again) when men have the privilege of bypassing this antiquated and gendered tradition. As a woman, why must this “choice” be thrust upon me and why must I face judgment from others? How do I respond to others who feel that retaining my current last name is disrespectful to my fiance?

Should I tell my Christian grandmother about my Pagan wedding?

“I have a very close relationship with my Grandmother, however, in all my years of being so close with her, I, uh, ‘forgot’ to mention that I am not Christian, but in fact Pagan.”