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We get LOTS of wedding advice questions from readers, and while we always recommend doing a search of our 5000+ posts in our archives (we’ve covered a LOT of territory over the years!), sometimes we get stumped. That’s when we open the question up to readers in open threads to ask y’all… what are YOU doing? If you’d like to submit a question or a topic for an open thread, email us!

OPEN THREAD: Does anyone have offbeat ideas for newspaper announcements?

My mom and dad would like to do the old-fashioned thing of announcing our engagement in the local newspaper of my hometown. I’m not opposed to the idea, but I would like to do something a little different, though on-beat enough that my conservative hometown newspaper will still print it! Any suggestions for offbeat newspaper announcements?

OPEN THREAD: What do wedding vendors really think of feedback?

I recently got married, and while I had some positive vendor experiences, I had a number that were less than ideal. Before going and posting reviews online I have read through some posts on your site about reviews, negative reviews, etc. That said, I was wondering what people in the Offbeat Bride community — vendors and couples — thought about reviews and feedback…

How do you hope chest as an Offbeat Bride?

Older members of my family are asking about my hope chestDo you have anything to put in your hope chest? and There’s a linens sale coming up if you want to pick up some things for your hope chest. I haven’t considered a hope chest at all, and really that the concept of having a hope chest from a young age freaks me out a little. But here’s where things get complicated…

OPEN THREAD: Should you attend the wedding of a couple you aren’t inviting to yours?

I was invited to a wedding of two friends. My girlfriend and I agree that when we get married this couple wouldn’t be on our invite list (for two reasons: because we want a smaller wedding, and because we’re really not that close with them). Knowing this, should we go to their wedding?

OPEN THREAD: do I need bridesmaids and groomsmen, or can we just have shared attendants?

My partner and I don’t really have separate friends. We have a fabulous, shared group of mates of mixed genders from university — so how do we decide which of us got which friends on “our side”? I’ve seen tons of weddings with mixed gender bridal parties, but what about one shared party? Is that a thing? I want to avoid drama…

My family doesn’t approve of my wedding

I have known since the day that I came out that my parents would not be attending my wedding, nor any of my six siblings and aunts and uncles. I have been forbidden from telling my last living grandparent to “preserve her health.” How can I share in the excitement of planning when my wedding feels like the final nail in the coffin of my relationships with my family?