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Sunflower wedding with doggie friends

What could be happier than a bright yellow sunflower wedding? “If we were going to do a wedding it was going to be us,” say Rue and James. Their red and yellow celebration of love at Omar Arts and Events in Omaha combined their favorite things into a spectacular romantic event that was just the way they wanted it to be.

A REAL rainbow totally blessed this same sex engagement shoot

Are you kidding me with this serendipity? William and Rob were taking engagement photos around downtown Omaha when they ran across this gorgeous fountain with sunlight hitting it just right. SO right that it cast a practically perfect in every way REAL rainbow. Come on, this is adorable. I’m going double rainbow wild over here. Okay, maybe not that wild (that was pretty flippin’ wild, if you remember), but it is pretty rad.

We’ve got rainbow heart eyes for these two and their real rainbow engagement. Let’s see if you do, too…

Chelsea & Jesse’s The Big Lebowski-themed wedding

After you see the Folgers cans, the starburst neon signs, the Dudist officiant (dressed as Walter, natch), the paint brush bouquet, The Dude groom, and the green and black homage-to-Maude gown, there’s only one thing to say about this Big Lebowski wedding: WE ABIDE. There’s even more to see, so click on in and start counting all the references you can find to The Dude and the Achievers. Plus, a bowling alley venue pretty much guarantees good times.

An Omaha wedding with an art gallery backdrop

Back in August, [vendor-heart link=""]Jaylee Photography[/vendor-heart] offered a free wedding to Offbeat Bride readers, and Naomi and Erin were the winners! The Washington-based photographers flew out to Nebraska to attend the church ceremony and art gallery reception.

Omaha’s Christine McGuigan Photography NAILS IT when it comes to all things wedding photography

Okay kids, let’s all just take a minute to gawk over this photo from offbeat sponsor Christine McGuigan. I mean… the location, the light, the colors, those smiles! OMG, the smiles are just gorgeous. The moment I saw this engagement photo I just stopped and stared and breathed in the visuals and the love. Come, let’s breathe in more love and beauty while I share with you some of my favorite Christine McGuigan photos from some of her offbeat Omaha weddings. WARNING: colorful balloons, twinkly string lights, sweet first looks, and sexy kisses ahead…

Christine & Matthew’s Good Vibes Anything Goes Wedding

The offbeat bride: Christine, Web Designer Her offbeat partner: Matthew, Musician Location & date of wedding: Golf course tent in Omaha, NE on September 13th, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: We set out to have a good time and didn’t take the day too seriously. We figured if our guests saw that we were […]